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Loyalita = Loyalty Discount Network

Satisfied and loyal customer is the best business strategy

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About us

What is Loyalita?

Loyalita - discount network for loyal customers is a unique concept that enables companies to offer a privacy-focused savings network for customers and businesses.

Sign up and start earning points

Privacy focused savings programs. Earn loyalty points at your favorite retailers without sharing your personal information.

Spend points for discounts

Loyalty points are worth real money. Redeem your points for a discount on your next purchase.

Let your customers save for discount

Give your customers a good reason to come back. Easy to set up, free to use.

Join For Free

Join a network of thousands customers and businesses.
respect your customers


Businesses do not have access to customers’ personal data.


We do not share your personal information with anyone. You have the privacy you deserve.


Privacy is the most responsible thing to do for customers.

Case law on personal data is growing and it is everyone’s responsibility to handle it with care.

This is one of the reasons for customers to come back.

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Fast & Easy Process.

Easy To Set Up. Free To Use.

Follow these steps and join a network of thounsands businesses and customers.

Creat either customer or business account

Step 01

Customers earn points by shopping

Step 02

Customers spend points for discounts

Step 03

Profit and customer satisfaction grow

Step 04

Not hidden charge

Start as customer or business

Both, customers and businesses, can use the system FREE of charge. If companies want to change the standard rules or add staff, they have to buy a premium account. Simple as that!
FREE / forever
  • Shop at unlimited retailers
  • Purchase history
  • Discount history
  • Earn and spend loyalty points
  • Keep your privacy
  • No spam from annoying sellers
FREE / forever
  • No extensive set up
  • Purchase history
  • Discount history
  • Change the standard rules
  • Staff management
  • Presentation page & business listing
FREE for the next 6 months
$45 / month | $455 / year
  • No extensive set up
  • Purchase history
  • Discount history
  • Change the standard rules
  • Staff management
  • Presentation page & business listing
frequently asked questions

Ask Your Question

We are here for all your questions. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Is there a dedicated mobile application ?

The complete system is built with the latest technologies stack so you can use it without dedicated Android or iOS app. The service is full responsive and you can use all features on any devices, including mobile phones.

Can I get a refund ?

Unfortunately, you cannot get a refund for particular month once you make payment. After the months ends you'll not be charged for another.

What if I decide not to pay anymore ? Will you cancel my business acount ?

Of course not! You'll continue to have a free business account forever but with default options, such as rules etc. All your transactions history will remain.

What about integration with online commerce systems?

To be honest, there are a lot of them and so much ways that retailers can use to handle sellings (both, online and offline) so we decided to leave the whole process based on our system only. Maybe in future we'll consider integration with other systems but for now we're focused primarily to easy usage for small and medium business.

How customers know that my business is part of the discount network?

Simply, tell it to them by yourself! You can use our logo on your site's footer, for example, or become a premium business on our website and you'll be listed in the business directory. Follow our brand guidelines for adding the Loyalita partner logo to your website. Being Loyalita partner without letting your customers to know that isn't useful for your business.